Newbies must read: Mountain climbers look here! U.S. equipment, net beauty route full strategy

Mountain climbing is one of the most popular activities in outdoor sports, as long as you have the strength to enjoy the natural scenery and achieve sports effect. In recent years, more and more young people also love to climb mountains, wearing fashion fashion clothes equipped, in front of the beautiful scenery to take pictures of youthful. Which assembly brands and routes do I love and which routes must go? Let’s take a look.
Did you find out? These two years more and more net handsome, net beauty to share their own to climb the mountain beauty photos, photos in addition to the beautiful scenery, there is no shortage of sisters wearing only sports underwear, tight sweatpants to take pictures of the beauty of youth, or we will share fashion climbing accessories. Social media Facebook, IG climbing photos are beautiful. This also subverts the past that climbing is the favorite sport of the elderly, now, climbing has become one of the fashion movements of young people. In this article, we will introduce the equipment brand of net handsome net beauty love, will also provide several beautiful routes, so that mountain climbers can also easily enjoy the pleasure of climbing.

The benefits of mountain climbing

Climbing mountains is certainly not to show off the head, in fact, is very helpful to health. Because walking is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to exercise, and can effectively control weight, almost everyone can engage in sports, so will be loved by all ages. Medical research often moves quickly to reduce the risk of chronic diseases, improve heart, lung and circulatory performance, and lower blood pressure. There are also great benefits to mental health, and climbing mountains allows us to relieve the stress we usually accumulate in nature, heal the brain, increase concentration and creativity, and reduce depression symptoms!
Not just for health, climbing is a natural gym, maintaining or changing your body to get better is also the goal of many people, in recent years many mountaineering brands have also launched the function and beauty of goods. Today’s introduction of the equipment to a day’s travel, walking activities as the main, and so you fall in love with climbing, you can further purchase advanced equipment.

Mountain climbers must be equipped and branded

    1. Function sportswear
      Climbing the mountain will flow a lot of sweat, tops and pants to sweat-based function, material can choose polyester fabric. Girls recommend wearing sports-specific underwear, convenient action also let sweat quickly dry, many mesh girls will directly wear sports underwear to climb mountains, but do not recommend the entire journey to do so, after all, many mosquitoes on the mountain, long exposure to the sun may also cause skin damage. The part of the pants, climb the mountain try not to show too many legs of long pants, because the mountains forest mosquitoes are many, and will pass through many trees and grass, pants can protect the legs. Try not to wear 100% cotton clothes, cotton clothes sweat easy to produce odor, and wet feeling has been uncomfortable on the body. Nike, Adidas and Under Amour, the big names in sports, all have good clothes.
    2. shoe
      Many people will wear general casual sports shoes for the first time when they climb the mountain, and will experience “foot pain” after climbing the mountain once. General sports casual shoes stress can cover the foot, and the sole material is soft, if a long time climbing, not hard enough soles for a long time to walk the stone road will make the sole pain, shoes are not protected ankles, downhill may be easy to sprain, shoes are not hard enough toe is also easy to be stone injured. If you are climbing small white mountain, hope that climbing shoes not only climb the mountain can wear, usually can also do modeling, organic energy and both fashion and beauty, you can see the climbing shoes brand Danner, Italy Diemme.


  1. cosmetics
    Climbing also requires cosmetics?! For beauty lovers, this is a must. Climbing mountains to take beautiful photos nostalgia, is one of the driving forces of many people’s movement, maintain the beauty of the face of course will be important! However, climbing the mountain will sweat a lot, bottom makeup recommends a thin layer of sunscreen, so that the skin can breathe. Eyeliner eyeliner, eyebrows to pick with “powerful” waterproof and oil-proof function, hit the top when you can shoot beautiful face.

The beauty must be worth taking pictures of, and then see where everyone loves to climb mountains to take beautiful pictures?

Taipei Taichung Mountain Climbing Route

1. New store Galaxy Cave

Punching attractions address: New North City New Store District Galaxy Road 68

The difficulty of climbing the Netmei Mountain: ★★

The time required to climb the mountain: about 45 minutes to 1 hour to go back and forth

Features: Galaxy Cave Falls, and Meishan Trail, Monmon Valley, near the top of the mountain will be to this fairy-forced tree rattan window sill

2. Inner Lake Golden Mountain

Carding attractions address: Taipei City Lake District Ring Mountain Road, a section of 136 Lanes climbing mouth

The difficulty of climbing the Netmei Mountain: ★★★

The time required to climb the mountain: about 2 hours back and forth

Features: Rock climbing and walking, 360 degrees of beautiful view:

3. The Temple of the Emperor ishaki

Punching attractions address: Xinbei Shiyi District 106 B County Road

Net-a-Porter Mountain Climbing Difficulty: ★★★★

The time required to climb the mountain: about 3.5 to 4 hours back and forth

Features: One of the three rock fields in Xinbei City, iron ladders and rope climbing challenging high, after the end can go to the stone pit old room to eat food, reward themselves.

4. Keelung Chicken Cage Mountain

Carding attractions address: 174-1 Mountain Point Road, Ruifang District, New North City

The difficulty of climbing the Netmei Mountain: ★★★

The time required to climb the mountain: about 1 to 1.5 hours back and forth

Features: One of Taiwan’s small hundred Yue, the evening scenery can not be finished.

5. Yilan Matcha Mountain

The carding attraction address: Yilan County Reef Creek Township Wufeng Road 91 Lane 10

Net-a-Porter Mountain Climbing Difficulty: ★★★★

The time required to climb the mountain: about 4 to 5 hours back and forth

Features: Healing system climbing attractions, see the green oil of a good mood. Suitable for people with physical strength or regular exercise to enjoy!

6. Sanyi Fire Yanshan

Carding attractions address: Miaoli County Sanyi Township 13 Provincial Road and 130 A

Net-a-Porter Mountain Climbing Difficulty: ★★★★

Time required to climb the mountain: 3 to 4 hours back and forth

Features: U.S. Grand Canyon-class evil terrain:

7. Taichung’s mouth mountain

Carding attractions address: Taichung City Peace Zone Snowy Mountain Forest Recreation Area

Net-a-Porter Mountain Climbing Difficulty: ★★★★★

The time required to climb the mountain: about 4 to 5 hours back and forth

Features: Known as the most beautiful mountain in Taiwan, very suitable for people with physical strength to challenge

These 7 recommended mountain climbing attractions are half a day to complete, very suitable for holiday leisure activities to go. Small reminder, to climb the mountain when encountering mountain friends wipe over can say hello, refuel each other more powerfully up, also don’t forget to take the garbage down the mountain Oh!

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9 can not miss the new North Net-a-Porter mountain trail| followed net red into the new north climbing trail!


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