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Good news! Order Taiwan Mountain Magazine for 3 years now, i.e. you can add “One of the 25 electric backpacks (no color picks)” at a discounted price, with a market price of 2,600 yuan, saving 1,700 yuan.

Backpack introduction:

The lightweight vardag, inspired by the classic retro look of the 1970s, uses the 1947 version of the classic Logo of the Arctic Fox Fjällräven.

Made from the wear-resistant G-1000 ® HeavyDuty Eco S, lined with recycled nylon and simple and durable details, the main compartment has a padded mezzanine for laptops. “No, it’s never going to fade, it’s suitable for living and leisure travel.

  1. Made from the wear-resistant G-1000 ® HeavyDuty Eco S
  2. Shoulder straps are cushioned for more comfort
  3. The computer mezzanine is included to hold 15 inch pen and electricity
  4. Comes with removable cushions
  5. 1974 version of Logo

Take a look at the video description:

Backpack color (random shipment):






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